About eoto

eoto is a learning platform for exchange of skills based on 1-on-1 tandems. We bring skilled people worldwide together - online and offline - and support every tandem with helpfull tools and tips. A tandem is ideal for further education in private, academic and professional domains. Besides aquiring know-how and skills, a whole bunch of social skills are trained in a tandem such as teamwork and communication skills. eoto is inspired from the afro-american phrase "each one teach one".

Our Team

All in our team have come in various ways to eoto, but always remained for the same reason: We want to help “learning” to a new image by developing the simplest and most vivid way to learn - the Tandem method - and make it available to all people. We all have different professional backgrounds, we all have studied and know all too well how it is to learn alone. But there is another way - each one teach one! We are keen to experiment and combine the advantages of the Internet with peer-to-peer technology and learning methodology. We constantly test new features and develop eoto together with our users continually to have become a real learning experience! Even we use the platform to work on interdisciplinary solutions and besides constantly learning - both professionally and privately! If you want to know more about us or have a desire to participate on eoto, then you can stop by at any time at our office in Berlin.

Felix Eidner


Felix has already experimented a lot with tandem during his studies. Business Law for Renewable Technologies, Photography for English etc. Felix is convinced that you can learn from everyone something. In 2014 he has hung his career on the nail in order to realize eoto. Here we are !

Florian Scholz


Florian is a passionate developer with more than 8 years of professional experience. Learning means discovering for Florian, trying and making mistakes , especially if this leads to a 500 error message . Besides eoto Florian is working to make the winter superfluous by keeping with the best Summer - House mixes the team in a good mood.

Maddalena Zaz

Community & Marketing

3 years ago Maddalena is drawn from Napoli to Berlin to extent her skills from communication science to online marketing as a student. When she isn't lost in the web, you can find her diving in a Nutella jar, in a dark room printing pictures or at home practising that new yoga position.

Ulrich Grimm


Ulrich ,18 years old, loves the ocean and is a passionate sailor on tall ships. For several years he is working on changing the existing german school system - this is one of the reasons why eoto is a passion for him. In addition to the permanent criticizem of the school system and sailing he works as a freelance journalist and speaker. If anyone can offer him a Hebrew Tandem, let him know!

Diego Rosero


Diego has a long way behind. Quito, Barcelona, Berlin. Driven by his curiosity, Diego works and supports as an experienced online marketer several exciting projects in Berlin - and fortunately also eoto . If you want to learn Spanish, then you can turn to him.

Pascal Urscheler


Pascal has 15 years of professional experience in online business and as an entrepreneur. Enthusiastic about the idea behind eoto Pascal advises the team in terms of corporate development and strategy. Pascal is still in search of a Soccer - Violin Tandem in Zurich. Who can help?

We are looking for you ...

... if you want to make a difference in education ! Are you a developer, marketer, visionary or just a fan of eoto, then we should get to know. Write us an email: hello@eoto.net