Frequently asked questions

How can I benefit from eoto?

eoto helps you meet experts around you for sharing skills and learning from each other in a tandem. eoto suggests partners for offline and online tandems and supports you with helpful tools during your tandem.

What does eoto mean?

eoto is for »each one teach one« and is an old African-American proverb that dates from the time of slavery. At that time, the Africans were denied any education in the United States. In the spirit of this proverb, teaching their knowledge and abilities to the community was the duty of every individual.

What is a tandem?

Tandem is an effective teaching method, and probably the most lively way to learn. Because you learn by making directly experience and transfer of knowledge according to the motto »You show me something - I'll show you something«. Led by a partner, you learn by trying, practicing and making experiences. During a tandem, you also train a set of soft skills, like your ability to work in a team, interaction, self-efficacy, and esteem. This makes this method so effective – the more so as you learn and improve your skills when you teach. What has been developed successfully for foreign language learning more than 40 years ago, leads eoto further – tandem learning for all areas of life.

How does it work?

You put on a profile with your learning needs, skills and interests, and automatically get the appropriate tandem partner proposed. Smart filters also allow you a personalized search by location, difficulty, language and gender. You can inquire and meet the other in the video chat, before you agree. Learn from each other and use our helpful tools, i.e. the guide, the learning diary and the planner, for free to reach your goals. Your tandem lasts as long as you have fun and make progress.

What if I don't know exactly what I want to learn or can teach others?

Then you have come the right way! Where else can you get inspired so easily?!? Explore other people's skills and just wait till you feel »That's what I want to learn!« Is it about teaching then it's even easier. You just have to write down what you love to do and what you have to do with professionally – be it juggling, climbing, taxes, software development, cooking, graphic design – no matter what it is, there is someone out there who wants to learn exactly that. And there's one thing you always have to offer – the language you speak.

Is there a fee to pay?

eoto is and will remain absolutely free for you. In the future we are planning to offer also paid pro classes and set up an Equipment Shop.

What happens to my personal data?

Your data is yours – only yours. We use your data only to generate a matching so that individuals can find each other. If you are interested in privacy you should check out our terms and conditions.