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Hi, I'm santiagoagurcia! Santiago Agurcia

Hello. Hola. Hallo. My name's Santiago and I'm a 21 year-old architecture student from Honduras. I grew up in Tegucigalpa (our wonderful capital), where I went to a very sexy (yes) bilingual school--thus, my fluency in Spanish and English. I went to a small college in Atlanta for a couple of years and have recently concluded a study abroad term at Oxford, thereby introducing me to what we in America (the whole continent, mind you) call the Old World. I'm relatively new to Berlin, but I have the astoundingly high and optimistic hope of becoming perfectly fluent in German within the next few months. Currently at what y'all here would label as B1 level. But, for the record, screw this arbitrary system of labeling. I know deep down inside that I am at least B1.001. :) Right then. So you want to learn Spanish. Venga. Demole viaje. Pero, debés ayudarme con mi alemán, ¿de acuerdo?

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