Terms & Conditions

of eoto UG (limited liability) for the beta version of the platform eoto.de
(Updated 6/2015)

For usage of the platform at eoto.de (»platform«) of eoto UG (limited liability) (»eoto«), the following clauses apply:

  1. The Platform

    1.1 — On the platform, registered users (»participants«) have the possibility to find tandem partners and get in touch with them. The specific elaboration of the platform is written down in the description of the platform.

    1.2 — Using the platform is free of charge during beta.

    1.3 — Due to the technical elaboration of the platform, especially being available over the internet only, may result in outages, e.g. because of failure of public communication networks or electricity providers. eoto does not give any guarantees as to the availability of the platform. In addition, the platform may be partly or completely unavailable during the usual maintenance schedule (e.g. for updating software); eoto will attempt to schedule this for times with the least visitor appearance.

    1.4 — eoto may change and extend the platform at any time while keeping the essential functionality.

  2. Registration

    2.1 — For participation, registration is necessary. Registration is free of charge. However, only adults – individuals that are at least 18 years old – are allowed to register. There is no right for registration. eoto may refuse registration. If asked the user will send a copy of an official document verifying his or her identity.

    2.2 — The user names and passwords the user gets for access of the platform are to be stored carefully and not to be disclosed to a third party. If a user suspects that a third party may have accessed user names or password he or she will immediately inform eoto. eoto will never disclose the password to a third party and will only ask for it during sign in.

  3. Duties of the participant, chat

    3.1 — The participant promises to provide correct and up to date details at any given time. The participant will make necessary changes, especially updates, without delay.

    3.2 — Is it explicitly prohibited for the participant to

    • upload illegal or improper content to the platform,
    • upload data that contains a virus, a Trojan Horse, or similar malware,
    • perform technical manipulations that negatively affect the availability of the platform,
    • upload data that infringes copyrights of others.

    3.3 — Particularly in connection with the use of the chat functionality (chat and private messages), it is explicitly prohibited for the participant to

    • publish data, texts, images, files, links, software or other content that is illegal, threatening, harassing, defamatory, crude, obscene, arousing hatred, racist or in any other way infringing or offensive,
    • harass or in any way harm other participants,
    • copy contents, or publish them elsewhere, or transfer them via e-mail or any other way, without being equipped with the required authorization.

    3.4 — The name that is shown in connection with the chat functionality corresponds to the user name that is provided during registration or the real name that may be provided inside the user profile.

  4. Blockage of contents

    4.1 — In the case of a participant's violation of his or her contractual duties, particularly those stated in article 3, eoto may suspend (»block«) access to the platform partly or completely, preliminarily or permanently. eoto will consider the interests of the participant when choosing the right measure, particularly type and extent of the delinquency and a potential culpability of the participant.

    4.2 — eoto will inform the participant about the chosen measure and give a chance for statement.

  5. Final clause

    Should a clause be ineffective or inexecutable or be ineffective or inexecutable in the future, the other clauses of these terms will not be affected hereof.